Maxliner System Services include:
  • Lateral lining
  • Point repairs
  • Cleaning and testing
  • CCTV inspection
  • Vac-jet
  • Hydro-vac
  • Manhole
  • Electric snake
What is Maxliner?
The Maxliner System relines lateral pipelines without disruptive digging. Maxliner repairs broken, cracked, or leaking pipes while leaving the land above your pipes untouched, and the interior walls near your pipes undamaged. For over 15 years, Maxliner has been proved and perfected in residential and commercial applications worldwide.
Dynamerican: Certified Installers
At Dynamerican, we are certified Maxliner installers. If your pipes need a complete relining overhaul, partial relining, or point repairs, our Maxliner products will meet your needs. With our Maxliner System machine, we run a CCTV (closed circuit television) inspection, allowing us to view any pipe defects up close and personal. We can also set up a video camera to monitor your system internally or externally. After determining the weak points, we slip the liner into place and cure it in the pipe through Maxliner’s state-of-the-art, cure-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology. Within just 8 hours, your pipes can be back in service, without one shovelful of dirt overturned.

If your pipelines are clogged with debris of any kind, Maxliner’s vac-jet or water-jetting technologies can remove the clog. And with the electric snake attachment, we can clear even the toughest congested drain.

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