What are the Most Common Plumbing Problems in Old Homes?

While buying old homes, there are more details to check than just the brick and mortar structure, which may deceive you with its strong surface build. Though the home appears in a good condition, you must look for its obvious share of problems, especially if they were not properly maintained.


In most of the older homes you’ll find galvanized piping. As a galvanized pipe is a pipe made from steel covered with a layer of zinc, the zinc starts eroding with time that in turn would cause damage to the inner material. Once the protection is gone, the steel begins to corrode and rust to expand, thus reducing the inner dimension of the pipes. This erosion of the protective layer would result in a wide array of problems such as reduced water pressure or suddenly stopped faucets. These old galvanized pipes make the water discolored and may cause the pipes susceptible to leaks.

Some homes may have pipes made from concrete or cast iron which may shift or deteriorate over the course of time.


Just because the homeowner himself tried to fix the plumbing issues or hired an unlicensed plumber to do the job, does not speak of the bad. However, there are chances that a handyman or unprofessional plumber managing the drains and other plumbing problems would leave the drains unvented, secure the pipes poorly, or install the traps backwards. While making the final deal, ensure that the plumbing is done the right way and that the faucets and other plumbing fixtures are replaced if they are too aged.


Over the years, drainage pipes could be damaged, clogged, or broken. Checking the pipes for possible leakages or small drains would help you save huge on severely clogged pipelines.

Older homes may be very charming due to the historic connection associated with them; however the repairs and renovation costs would pile up if you ignore a careful inspection of the plumbing system before buying the home. Also, it is important to evaluate the home’s plumbing system conditions with the help of a licensed plumber from a professional plumbing company for reliable and cost-effective solutions. Dynamerican is a professional plumbing company comprising a team of professional plumbers and technicians who are certified plumbing servicemen. We serve in Akron, Medina, Port Lakes, and Wadsworth. For any assistance for your plumbing problems from our experts, please contact us at 800-362-8490 or visit our website: http://www.godynamerican.com/ for more details.

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