Things to Consider Before Choosing A New Heating System

The type of heating system you choose will have a great impact on your home’s energy consumption and monthly utility bills. It also impacts the comfort offered by these systems significantly. In case your existing heating system is more than 20 years old, and you are trying hard to keep it up and running, a better choice is to purchase a new system that complies with your home’s present heating and cooling needs. However, with many brands selling out in the market, selecting an appropriate model that conforms to the specific needs of an individual home is a real task.

Here are certain things to consider before placing your order for a heating system that lasts long and saves more:

Energy Source

Though natural gas is a common and most popularly used heating fuel, in many localities where natural gas is not abundantly available, home owners use propane or LPG for heating purposes. In places where climate is less severe, electric heating pumps are also a good option. The type of fuel used majorly depends on the ready availability in specific areas and also their relative costs. Contacting a professional heating contractor would give a better cost estimate for different energy sources.

Distribution System

Both – forced air and circulating hot water systems are efficient sources of distributing heat throughout the home. Forced air systems can be used to filter and humidify the air and for central air conditioning while you need to be extra careful with the duct seals for minimal leakage.

The hydronic systems distribute air more evenly and possess the ability to use the same boiler for domestic hot water. These systems are highly priced that the forced air systems while they do not provide central air conditioning, ventilation, or air filtering.
However, it is a wise decision to stay with the existing distribution system, unless you are thinking of major renovations.


Your heating system must be efficient enough to save you a considerable amount in your energy bills. Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) are the standard efficiency ratings for heating systems that are used with propane, fuel oil systems, or natural gas whereas for systems that are used with electric heat pumps, Heating Season Performance Factor (HSPF) are measured.

Overall Costs

Cost is the game changer. Ultimately, your selection of a heating system would depend on the amount of savings it is going to yield – short term as well as long term. A qualified heating contractor would be able to suggest you better in this context.

All the parameters mentioned above are basic things which can be evaluated to arrive at a decision. Buying heating systems that are efficient, durable, and cost-effective requires technical understanding of the overall requirement. You can contact our experienced and well trained technicians at Dynamerican to assess your home’s specifications and suggest an appropriate heating system for domestic purpose based on the needs. You can reach us at 800-362-8490 or visit for more details.


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