RootX Sewer Line Treatment: All Things You Need to Know

Root intrusion is probably the most common of the sewer line problems faced by households. Joints and cracks in the pipeline are natural entry points for the underground root system and if left untreated for long, can restrict the flow or may even cause a complete blockage. It is a major destructive element involved in maintaining a wastewater collection system.

How does RootX work?

RootX is a proven technology that ensures your pipeline is clean of the vigorous root growth and also prevents re-growth very soon. It uses the aquatic herbicide named Dichlobenil. Its patented formula foams when it comes in contact with water which fills the entire pipe and reaches to the top where 90% of the roots are found. There are degreasing agents in RootX that strip away grease and allows the RootX herbicide to penetrate into the roots and kill the root tissue. Its concentration also promotes bacterial growth for natural removal of the roots and speeding up the decay. Moreover, this foam also leaves a thin layer on the pipe walls to prevent further occurrences.

Why do most sewer maintenance crews recommend RootX?

RootX is easy to apply using high pressure jetting equipment. Plumbing professionals can treat a 400 foot main line in less than 30 minutes using the jetter trucks. The formula is guaranteed to keep 8-inch or even larger sewer lines free from blockages for up to 24 months of application, while the guarantee speaks of 12 months for smaller 4-6 inch pipelines. Treating pipes using RootX involves less time than the mechanical cutting and the results really last longer. While the mechanical process of root cutting leave some roots behind in the pipe, the RootX kills the roots and the remaining  roots decay over time allowing the pipe to work on its full capacity. It also effectively prevents further root growth in the pipeline by creating a barrier on the pipe walls.

The product is eco-friendly too. The RootX formula is non-fumigating, non-caustic, and non-systemic and has no effect on the roots outside the pipe, saving the flora. In addition to being gentle on the trees and plants, it does not affect the waste water treatment process as it is free from copper sulfate, metam sodium or diquat dibromide.

We, the GoDynamerican staff have treated several blocked sewer lines using RootX and the results are amazing. Our clients have not complained of a blockage due to root intrusion at least for a year of the treatment process. We are a team of professional plumbers and technicians that are available at your service for any of your plumbing installation and drain cleaning services. Please contact 800-362-8490 or visit us to know further.


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