Don’t Let Your AC to Go On a Surprise Vacation – Perform Regular Checks

Imagine that after returning from an awesome vacation, you find that your air conditioner surprises you by not cooling at all. That would take away all your happiness away and require you to give an urgent call to your AC maintenance provider company. Instead, isn’t it a better idea to be well-prepared for staying cool during summer and avoiding emergency breakdowns?

A well-maintained Air Conditioning unit saves you huge money as well as energy. There are some checks that can be performed by the home-owners themselves, however, others should be done by a technician who has a proper training and a license.

Tip#1: Check/Clean/Replace the Air Filter

One of the important AC maintenance chores include checking the air filter of your air conditioner for any repairs or replacements needed. This check must be performed every month during summers and winters while can also be done once each during fall and spring. A filter that consists of dust, dirt, or allergen particles makes the system work harder and results in decreased air flow.

Tip#2: Check the Wirings

It is always recommended to start working on the air conditioner by turning the power to the unit off. Look for any signs of overheating like blackened wires or melted insulation on the wires. Then check the capacitors and the contractor switch. If you detect any irregularities, do not try to replace or repair anything by yourself. Immediately contact an air conditioning expert to do the job for you.

Tip#3: Examine the Thermostat

Check your thermostat to confirm whether it is working fine and keeps your home at the right temperature. Programmable thermostats allow you to save more energy and money by running the AC at higher temperatures while no one is at home and set it to cooling just some time before anyone arrives.

Tip#4: Check the Condenser Unit Fan

Check the fan that is mounted on the top of the outside condenser unit to ensure that it is in working condition. Check for any broken blades or any cracks or chips that may be present in one or more of the blades. Oil the fan motor bearings regularly if you have an old air conditioning unit.

Tip#5: Keep the Area Outsidethe AC Unit Clean

Over time, your air conditioning unit would be overcrowded by creeping trees, grass, and leaves that could result in decreased air flow and decreased system capacity. Wash out the debris surrounding your AC unit gently using a garden hose. Also, trim down the shrubs or other plants to keep the unit clear and breathable.

Call for Professional HVAC Manitenance

A thorough timely check can only be done by professional HVAC system technicians as they are well-aware about the sensitive parts and mechanisms working within your AC unit. Professional technicians can suggest viable solutions for any faults observed in your system saving a lot on your pockets and energy. Visit Dynamerican technicians at We are a service maintenance contractor company providing preventive maintenance service agreements to improve the life of your air conditioner. We are a team of experienced and well-trained professional technicians who specialize in running a thorough check of your systems and suggest an economical solution. Call 800-362-8490 to discuss your cooling system problems or book an appointment so that we attend to you at the earliest.


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